What is Osteoarthritis?

Better known as arthritis, osteoarthritis is a common condition that can affect one or more joints and often prevents individuals from living life to the fullest due to the associated pain.

Osteoarthritis Explained

A normal joint is comprised of a connection of two bones that are surrounded by a capsule. The end of each bone is covered by cartilage. The cartilage helps the joint move smoothly.

Arthritis is a progressive inflammation of the joints. It can affect one or more joints. The inflammation targets the cartilage. The causes of the inflammation can be one or more of the following:

  1. Physical stress.
  2. Chemical stress.
  3. Emotional stress.

Due to these stressors, the rate of damage is faster than the rate of repair. This leads to the progression of arthritis.

Normal Joint

Learn About Our Holistic Approach

Unfortunately, the current medical therapy to treat arthritis is mainly focused on reducing the pain and NOT correcting the underlying cause. That is why the current medical therapies are not effective in the long run.

Our approach is very unique. It is multidisciplinary in nature.

"I recommend Dr. Hawass’ treatments to everyone that's suffering from chronic joint pain. It helped me tremendously. I am moving better and having less pain. "

- Susan C.