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"I am so happy that Dr. Hawass was able to pinpoint the treatment very quickly that would work for my pain. I am definitely able to function at my best now. I would highly recommend the Clinic and Dr. Hawass."

- Cindy M.

"After getting the treatments for my shoulder and hip. I am able to work and support my family and help around the house. I will definitely come back for more treatments offered by Dr. Hawass and his clinic."

- Gary B.

"I recommend Dr. Hawass’ treatments to everyone that's suffering from chronic joint pain. It helped me tremendously. I am moving better and having less pain. "

- Susan C.

" I truly believe that if I did not get the treatment. I would not likely be a person anyone would like to be around. Thanks Dr. Hawass for helping me and my family."

- John M.

" I have learned to thrive rather than just survive with chronic pain. The clinic gives me a much better quality of life. Thank you Dr. Hawass for helping me take care of my family."

- Lucy W.

"After the treatment I got by Dr. Hawass, I am able to work and take care of my family. Now I am a happier mother and a wife that is able to enjoy her career."

- Katrina M.

"The treatments made such a difference to my mobility. I wish I met Dr. Hawass years ago to treat my hips."

- Carrie C.

"After the treatments for my shoulder, I am able to do my office work and my daily living. I would highly recommend Dr. Hawass’ treatment. It got my life back."

- Terry L.

"Nothing else has been able to reduce my hip pain and improve my quality of life as well as Dr. Hawass treatments."

- Sam C.

" Dr. Hawass helped me get rid of the bitterness from the accident, and the belief that I could do more with my "disability". Now I am a very different me!"

- E.T.

"The treatment plan I received from Dr. Hawass improved my daily function drastically. My husband and I are so pleased and grateful with Dr. Hawass’ approach and treatment."

- Susan C.

"The treatments I got lowered my pain by half. Now my daily activities are no longer painful. Dr. Hawass’ treatment allowed me to have an independent life."

- Eric H. 

"Dr. Hawass treatments helped delay my hip surgery by 3 years. Thank you Dr. Hawass for making me enjoy the 3 years till I got my surgery."

- Terry B.