Our Team

We not only address your area of pain but determine the root cause of your pain. Our team of chronic pain specialists, chiropractic doctors, psychotherapists and nutritionists will complete a comprehensive medical evaluation. As a team, we will evaluate your physical, chemical and emotional stressors.

We discuss our findings as a team, and we customize a unique treatment plan for each patient. Based on that assessment, we will be able to tell our patients how successful any treatment or procedure will be.

The treatment will be delivered by an experienced chronic pain doctor who will do the procedure under ultrasound guidance. We use proprietary protocols that have been tested for over 20 years with great success. The chiropractic doctor will do a gait and posture analysis and give you specific recommendations to treat your condition. The nutritionist will give you an outline of what to eat and what to avoid to help reduce inflammation and optimize healing. The psychotherapist will do a stress and sleep evaluation and give you techniques to reduce stress and optimize sleep.

We follow up on all our patients in person, if possible. For our patient’s convenience, we also offer telemedicine follow-up appointments, if preferred. We also follow up with our patients through the Data Registry to monitor their outcomes for 24 months.

This approach has been clinically proven to optimize our patient outcome in both pain reduction and improvement in function.