Holistic Approach

Arthritis and chronic pain are a response to a combination of the following:

1. Physical Stress

Joints, tendons and muscles can be affected directly by an old injury like a fall or a car accident, or from chronic overuse in a job or a sport. On the other hand, it can happen due to lack of use like prolonged sitting, bad posture, or from lack of exercise.


2. Chemical Stress

There are multiple chemical stressors that affect us on daily basis. They are two types:

  1. External:  Environmental pollution like air pollution or cleaning chemicals.
  2. Internal:  What we consume like processed and preserved food, alcohol and smoking.

Our body will spend a lot of energy trying to eliminate toxins rather then spending energy on healing and repair.


3. Emotional Stress

Emotional stressors can come from multiple sources like the loss of a loved one or loss of a job, work stress, or relationship stress. Emotional stressors can also be from bad news and social media.


The body can NOT tell the difference between a real stressor (a bear attacking you) or a perceived one (stress due to traffic). Both will elevate the stress hormone, cortisol. Chronic emotional stress will cause chronic elevation of cortisol levels. Due to the chronic elevation of cortisol levels, the body will divert energy to vital organs to keep us alive. It will not focus on healing and repair of damaged tissue.



In short, we are susceptible to joint injuries due to the physical stress we put on our body. With all the chemical stressors that we are exposed to, the body is too busy detoxing. Finally, we put our body through emotional stress that prevents the body from healing and repairing.

These chronic physical, chemical and emotional stressors cause damage to joints, tendons and muscle. The rate of damage is more than the rate of repair. That is when we experience chronic illness like arthritis.


Unfortunately, the current medical therapy to treat arthritis is mainly focused on reducing the pain (pills, scopes and surgery) and NOT correcting the underlying cause. That is why the current medical therapies are not effective in the long run.



Physical Stress

Our approach to managing physical stress is done by a chronic pain doctor and a chiropractic doctor.


I. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

We do a detailed medical history; evaluating your medications and diagnostic images like x-ray, ultrasound and MRI. We also do a comprehensive evaluation of the joint, evaluating cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Moreover, we evaluate the joint above and below.

We treat the joint as a functional unit. We treat all affected areas using a proprietary PRP (tested over 20 years).

PRP is one of the key steps in starting the healing and recovery journey.

II. Alignment (Posture and Gait)

Our chiropractic doctor will evaluate your posture and gait and will give you recommendations according to the collective treatment plan.

III. Exercise

Our chiropractic doctor will evaluate your condition before and after the PRP treatment and come up with a customized exercise program that fits your needs and will follow your progression.



Chemical Stress

Our approach to managing chemical stress is done by a nutritionist.

I. Detox

Our nutritionist will start you on a detox plan. This will help eliminate toxins in your body. This will be the first step in dealing with chemical stressors.

II. Chemicals to avoid

Smoking and excessive alcohol are on the top of the list. Our nutritionist will review your food intake and will give you a list of inflammatory foods to avoid. Those inflammatory foods may be affecting your joint and tendon health making your arthritis worse.

III. Food Consumption

At this phase, the nutritionist will recommend a food plan that will aid in your joint healing.



Emotional Stress

Our approach to managing emotional stress is done by a therapist.

I. Meditation

Mastering meditation and breathing techniques has two main benefits:

  • Reduction in pain by 50%. Note that pain killers ONLY reduce pain by 15-20% with lots of side effects.
  • Reduction in cortisol levels.

Meditation techniques are easy to learn and can be applied anywhere with NO side effects.

II. Sleep

Healing and recovery mainly take place during sleep. This is due to the growth hormone that spikes during a good night’s sleep. Our therapist will help you optimize your sleep practice.

III. Immune System:

Your core belief and willingness to do the work is critical to get better.

If we help correct the physical, chemical, and emotional stressors and you don’t believe it will work or don’t have the motivation to do the work, you will not get the optimal results you truly desire.

Our therapist will work on your self belief and motivation.

" I have learned to thrive rather than just survive with chronic pain. The clinic gives me a much better quality of life. Thank you Dr. Hawass for helping me take care of my family."

- Lucy W.

" I truly believe that if I did not get the treatment. I would not likely be a person anyone would like to be around. Thanks Dr. Hawass for helping me and my family."

- John M.