Conditions We Treat

What Conditions Do We Treat?

We treat patients with Stage 1 – 4 arthritis. Usually arthritis will progress from one stage to another in an average of 5-7 years. However, if someone doesn’t take care of their joint and general health, the arthritis will progress faster. Early intervention for stage 1 will prevent the progression of arthritis. When a patient hits Stage 2 & 3, they become symptomatic with increased pain and reduced daily function. Once someone hits stage 4 there will be a dramatic reduction in function, and patients usually need assistance with daily living.


Treatment options we offer are:



The treatment is focused on slowing down the progression of the arthritis. It also helps patients maintain function.



The treatment is focused on pain reduction and restoring daily function. The most recent Spanish research showed that restorative treatment will delay the need for joint replacement by 7 years.



This treatment is focused on pain control for patients awaiting joint replacement surgery or for patients that are still having pain 6 months post joint replacement.  


Our team will assess your condition during the medical evaluation and the specialist will go over different treatment options to fit your needs.


Please note that there is NO CURE for osteoarthritis. All treatment options we offer are focused on reducing pain and improving function.