The Four Stages of Osteoarthritis

Arthritis stages are classified based on the joint cartilage changes seen on x-rays. When arthritis becomes severe, patients are often told they need a joint replacement. Regenerative treatment options may help provide pain relief and/or improved function by improving the environment within the arthritic joint.

Arthritis Stages Explained

Stage 1: Minor

Minimal changes to the joint. Very minimal bone spur. Joint space is normal

Symptoms: Occasional pain.


Stage 2: Mild

Mild changes to the joint. More bone spurs. Joint space is normal.

Symptoms: Mild pain and stiffness.


Stage 3: Moderate

Moderate changes to the joint. Obvious bone spurs. Joint space is narrow.

Symptoms: Continuous moderate pain mainly with moderate activity like walking.


Stage 4: Severe

Severe changes to the joint. Bone spurs throughout the joint. Joint space is very narrow. This is what is called “Bone on Bone”

Symptoms: Continuous severe pain with both minimal activity and at rest. Sleeping might be difficult.

Arthritis Stages

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